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How it Works

It's easy and it's free!

Media people who are looking for a new challenge, pursuing a new opportunity or simply in a time of transition can use this website to market their skills and experience. We've got over 100 opportunities currently available nationwide.

Potential job candidates who are interested can submit their professional information by filling out a brief questionnaire, 24 hours a day. Once we receive a completed application, candidates may apply directly for the positions advertised on our site, with the exception of blind postings or traditional searches where we must review candidates' information before forwarding to the client.

“I am more excited and optimistic about my career advancement via than any other staffing/recruitment firm in the country. I have registered with and talked to firms from Florida to Seattle and you are by far the best. Your jobs database, clear web presentation format and your concerned staff, makes for a world of difference.”

Candidate - Chicago, IL


Note: Candidates' resumes are confidential and are not posted nor do they reside on the web. Employers only receive resumes when the candidate chooses to send their information to them..

Make your career really click. Enter our confidential database of job candidates. Click here to apply now!


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